Three dedicated workshops will be organized during the project, in order to promote and facilitate the dissemination and exploitation of the SAVELEC project results, the exchange of information with the end-users as well as with relevant EU projects, including special sessions on mission requirements and state-of-the-art, legal studies etc.


More specifically, one workshop will be organized early in the project, in order to disseminate results regarding mission requirements and early EMP/HPM instrument operational requirements, together with state-of-the-art in the technological and commercial field.


A second workshop will be organized during the middle of the project, and will include results from the test-bench experiments and EMP/HPM instrument specifications and simulations, together with legal study analysis and propose the legal and regulatory framework for the usage of EMP/HPM devices for stopping of non-cooperative vehicles. One of the major goals of the second workshop is to validate together with the end-users the conformance of the EMP/HPM device with the appropriate technical, legal, ethical and security requirements.


Finally, a third workshop at the end of the project will sum-up project results while also including EMP/HPM instrument performance measurements as well as field trial tests and experimental results.


The 1st End-User Workshop of the SAVELEC consortium took place in July 10 at Paris (hosted by MBDA France SA), aiming at gathering together the consortium and the end-users in an early trial to assess and configure the project’s utility, requirements and exploitation capabilities.

Check the Workshop's Agenda and our photo archive for meeting's photos.


The 2nd workshop was held in Athens on March 12-13, 2015. The 2nd SAVELEC workshop aimed at providing an overview presentation of the SAVELEC project goals and achievements so far and also at hosting special sessions dedicated to:


- SAVELEC EMC/EMI test results,

- Safety and human factors studies,

- EMP/HPM device prototype specifications and early design guidelines.


In order to disseminate the project results to the greatest possible extent, the workshop included a public open session on March 12 and a second session on March 13 reserved exclusively to the SAVELEC

affiliated end users.

 Check the Workshop's Agenda and our photo archive for meeting's photos.


The 3rd workshop, to be held in Linköping, aims at providing detailed information about the latest project activities and achievements. In particular, the key activities and discussion topics of the workshop deal with the SAVELEC device breadboard prototype and with the latest SAVELEC research results regarding legal and regulatory studies. The workshop presentations and the subsequent open discussions will broaden to the greatest possible extent the Consortium view regarding the future exploitation and evolution of the SAVELEC technology.

In this context, the key events of 3rd Workshop are the open field demonstration of the SAVELEC device prototype and a keynote presentation on the legal aspects arising from the use of EM means to control non cooperative vehicles. Last but not least, the presentation of EMP experiments conducted by the AEROCEPTOR FP7 Security project is another highlight of the SAVELEC workshop.

Special sessions will be dedicated to presentations and open discussions regarding the technical and operational details of the SAVELEC technology, with emphasis on the potential applications in real life scenarios as well as on the relevant legal and regulatory issues.


Check the Workshop's Agenda.